Three Reasons to Prefer a Solitaire Alternative

Three Reasons to Prefer a Solitaire Alternative

Engagement ring trends have undergone a massive metamorphosis in recent years, although lots of women still prefer a classic solitaire for their engagement ring. A platinum solitaire diamond ring, for instance, could satisfy many a bride-to-be. However, a modern girl may want to step away from classical tastes for the following reasons.

Budget Friendly Options

No one wants to spend more on jewelry than they can afford, and every aspect, including the stones, can affect how much your ring will cost. Diamonds are simply too expensive for most people to comfortably overlook the cost of, and there are plenty of solitaire alternatives that may put a lighter load on your wallet.

Less Social Pressure

Society will always want you to conform, but that effect works on fewer people with each generation. In short, you do not have as many women that feel obliged to keep their jewelry choices classical. Non-classical diamond engagement rings are a way to explore what is right for you.

Greater Individuality

Individual quirks are blessings in this day and age, and people by and large have begun to accept and leverage that fact. Any non-classical ring you get would speak the world of your personal tastes and preferences.

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