Three Options for Customizing a Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Some options for customizing a halo diamonds ring are:

Cut and Color of Center Stone – You can choose among different types of cuts for the diamond to set in on your halo ring. Diamonds with pear, emerald, marquise, and oval cuts go well with a halo diamond ring. Opting for either a colorless or a fancy colored diamond can give a new aesthetic to the ring that fits in with your style requirements.

The Halos and Accent Stones – With a halo diamond engagement ring, you can determine how many halos actually surround the center diamond. Some halo ring designs contain more than one halo that adds to the sparkle of the ring. You can even settle on using a combination of colored gemstones that gives a totally unique look.

The Ring Metal – The ring metal can determine largely how well the ring looks with the diamond set. Platinum and white gold are the obvious choices for personalizing your halo diamonds ring. However, you can explore other options like rose gold and yellow gold as well, and find out whether it matches your design demands.

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