Things you May Not Know about Turquoise Gemstones

Things you May Not Know about Turquoise Gemstones

As you probably know, turquoise is one of the most treasured and popular gemstones available in the market. However, only a few customers are aware that turquoise is actually a water-based gemstone which forms inside rocks. Due to this, most turquoise diamond wedding rings contain small pieces of the rock within the center stone.

Diamond turquoise rings are relatively more porous than diamonds, due to the presence of a greater concentration of water inside. Diamond cutters usually implement a number of treatment processes on turquoise gemstones, in order to enhance their color and to make them more suitable for making jewelry pieces.

Natural turquoise is a bit more expensive compared to the treated varieties of the gemstone. When buying, you would need to ask the seller whether the gemstone has undergone any sort of treatments. If yes, you should be able to get it at a much cheaper price.

Another vital thing to note is that some jewelers sell fake diamond turquoise rings in place of real ones. The color of natural turquoise gemstones would not be perfectly even, whereas the color of fake turquoise gemstones would look too much that way. You should probably check the grading report to ensure authenticity.

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