Things you May Not Know about Diamond Ring Remounting

Remounting a silver diamond ring is one of the simplest and most inexpensive ways to preserve the natural elegance and appeal of the ring.

The band and setting of several silver diamond wedding rings start to wear out after years of use. If the setting of your silver diamond ring is worn out, then the center stone or diamond will certainly be at great risk of falling out. If that is the case, then remounting your silver diamond ring will help you to keep the ring in fine shape.

In some cases, customers take an antique or vintage diamond ring to a jeweler in order to make a few adjustments to the ring or to simply clean it. To preserve the diamond ring, you will need to get the stone remounted. However, the cost of remounting a vintage silver diamond ring may be a bit higher when compared to other diamond rings. So, you will need to initially decide whether remounting the ring is a good idea or not.

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