Things to Remember When you Buy a Bezel Ring

Things to Remember When you Buy a Bezel Ring

It is a popular design used in many 5k diamond ring designs, where gold is the metal of choice. Below is a look at the importance of bezel rings in the diamond industry.




How are Bezel Set Engagement Rings Different?

Bezel diamond rings are different because they are employed to mount flat-backed stones such as cabochons or cameos. Given their unique design features, they are highly protective in nature. They cover the sides of your precious diamond stone from getting scratched or damaged through external contact. However, they do have a drawback, in that they reduce the sparkle of the center diamond slightly. This is because the metal rim covering its sides end up blocking some of the light that enters the insides of the diamond.

How to Care and Maintain Bezel Rings

One of the best ways to ensure the quality of the diamond is to buy your ring from a trusted or reputed jeweler. Since the design entertains softer diamonds, great care needs to be taken while setting your diamond into the ring. It is also necessary to keep cleaning your bezel diamond ring on a regular basis by using a bowl of warm water mixed with a few drops of mild soap. This will ensure that its shine remains as such for a long time.

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