Things to Note before Buying Faux Diamond Rings

Since both types look exactly similar, buyers often find it hard to tell the difference.


There are plenty of diamond imitations available in the market. However, only a few customers are aware that jewelers often use glass to make diamond imitations. Even though these diamond imitations offer greater sparkle and brilliance than the real thing, they do not last as long. Moreover, even the best fake diamond rings made of glass get chipped or scratched at a more rapid pace.

Diamond ring manufacturers also use some of the synthetic varieties of garnet as diamond substitutes. For instance, GGG (Gadolinium Gallium Garnet) and YAG (Yttrium Aluminum Garnet) are used to prepare diamond imitations. Spinel is another material that is used to manufacture fake diamond rings. It is true that buying faux diamond rings can save you a few dollars initially, but they won’t last as long as real ones. This implies that fake diamond rings are not a worthy investment.

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