Things to Know about the Gemological Institute of America

In the 1920’s, a reputed jeweler named Robert M. Shipley felt that there is a lack of expertise in the diamonds industry. Shipley was firmly determined to bring trust back into the industry and he pursued a gemological course at the Great Britain National Association of Goldsmiths in order to do this. After completing the course, Shipley launched a new gemology course on his own to certify the jewelers.

In the year 1931, Robert Shipley established the first GIA gemological laboratory to evaluate diamonds and other gemstones. The GIA, which is a non-profit organization, currently offers jewelry and gemology research and education along with grading diamond rings. The GIA currently has 13 offline locations in 13 countries and they are planning to open offices in more countries. A GIA diamond ring certification will easily help you to know whether the diamond ring is real or not.

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