Things to Know about Bezel Rings

Things to Know about Bezel Rings

Various designs like bezel set pear diamond rings are fully surrounded by metals.





Bezels are made with a thin rim of valuable metal, which encircles the stone. This rim might be made of either plain or decorative metal. The rim is usually created by giving it a slight bend to hold the adhesive in place.

The most favorable factor about bezel rings is that they act as a protective covering for the gemstone and shields it from all sides. This keeps the stone from being scratched. Due to this, it usually looks cleaner than the other designs.

Bezels have a range of options to be chosen from. This includes scalloped edges or straight edges. In fact, the bezel setting is mostly employed to mount cabochons or cameos, which are flat-backed stones. It is also used with round cuts and other gemstone shapes though, yet due to their high safety margin, they are commonly used in diamond solitaire rings.

A downside of the bezel setting is that they tend to reduce the shine of the diamond because they cover the stone from all the sides. However, this can be solved by using an elevated setting for the diamond.

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