Things to Consider While Cleaning Simple Diamond

In this design, a round cut diamond of utmost brilliance and decent carat weight will be encrusted at the center of a 22k yellow gold ring. Furthermore, the sparkling quotient and the overall look of the wedding diamond ring is bumped up using the classic prong settings as well.

Cleaning of this kind of diamond rings is relatively easy, as it contains minimum setting only. A wedding diamond ring with complex settings and all will be challenging as any small mistake from your side may disturb the setting of the sparkler. This may eventually damage the gemstone or make it prone to falling out of the diamond ring settings.

The common solution that is used to clean the diamond rings from home mainly consists of warm water and any liquid detergent. While choosing the detergent, make sure that it is appropriate for yellow gold metal or the metal of your wedding diamond ring. Else, it may corrode the metal settings of your ring. Additionally, be gentle while rubbing the gemstone using the brush.

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