Things to Consider While Choosing Thick Diamond Engagement Rings

This type of engagement diamond rings is ideal for people with a hands-on lifestyle as there is comparatively more metal setting in this band in order to hold the diamonds.

As a result of the thicker shank profile, each and every diamond encrusted on the band that displays amazing sparkle is visible to the naked eyes. One of the main things you have to consider while choosing thick diamond engagement rings is the carat weight of the gemstones used in the setting. Preferably, bigger accent diamonds are used in the thicker bands and hence, the size of the main gemstone must be at least 2 carats or more if you want it to stand out.

Another important thing is the diamond ring settings used in this type of engagement diamond rings; usually, prong setting is used to secure the gemstones on these thicker bands. This is because the usual band setting such pave, channel, flush, etc., that inlay the diamonds into the band cannot be used in this kind of thick diamond engagement rings because of the comparatively bigger size of the diamonds.

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