Things to Consider While Choosing a Thin Diamond Engagement Ring

 It is to be noted that the thinnest or the most delicate band that allows you to encrust diamonds or other gemstones securely has a width from 1.7mm to 1.8mm.

In case micro paved melee diamonds are set on a band that has a comparatively lesser width, the gemstones are more likely to fall out of the setting. In addition, the chances for the band to break are also more here. So, if you are planning to shop a thin diamond engagement ring to spruce up your special day, make sure it has a width of at least 2mm or more.

Another thing that you must consider is the size of the gemstone that is encrusted on your thin diamond rings. Make sure that the carat weight of the diamonds used in your thin diamond rings is 2.5 or below. However, you can also use a larger diamond on the ring if you provide some extra metal settings to the gemstone so as to ensure that the diamond is secured well in the place.

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