Things to Check While Choosing an Antique Style Diamond Ring

When selecting an antique style diamond ring from a jeweler, the most important thing would be to check whether it is actually antique style ring or an antique ring.

An antique style ring is a new ring that replicates the age-old designs, whereas antique rings truly date from the past. The size of the stone is a noteworthy thing to consider in such rings, especially if you are gifting it to your partner.

The cuts used in most antique style diamond engagement rings are different, and hence, it would be difficult to find out their true quality using normal grading methods. It is better that you take the ring to a gemologist specialized in antique jewelry to find out the cut and quality of the diamond used.

Usually, antique style rings contain the three prominent old cuts such as the European cut, mine cut, and ideal cut. You can choose from any of these cuts, which have their own characteristic sparkle and glow, giving the ring a unique appearance. It is also important to consider whether the ring can be resized. This is important if you wish to scale up or down the size of the ring in the future.

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