Things That Affect your Diamond Engagement Ring Price

Things That Affect your Diamond Engagement Ring Price

Most people do not know how the price of their rings is calculated. This can be one of your greatest downsides, especially when purchasing expensive diamond engagement rings. It is extremely necessary for you to understand the basics of determining diamond engagement ring cost, so that you can accurately gauge the value of a diamond ring you are purchasing.

There are certain criteria that you must mull over when it comes to diamond ring cost calculation. The main things involved here include the stone’s cut, shape, carat weight, color, clarity, age, and brilliance, while the settings also play a part in the overall costs. Among these, the main thing that directly influences the price of the diamond is its cut quality; the higher the cut quality, the higher will be the diamond ring cost.

Note that while enhancing the brilliance and appeal of a diamond ring, cutters may lose some of its quantity. For instance, after polishing a 1 ct diamond, it may become 0.96 ct. However, unskilled eyes will not be able to spot this difference, and hence, retailers tend to sell such stones for the rate of a 1 ct diamond. So, make sure that you know the exact carat weight of the gemstones in your ring.

Similarly, color and clarity of a diamond will also affect its overall cost. High-quality diamonds will be usually colorless and flawless. However, such diamond rings will usually be appraised at a much higher value.

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