The Two Basic Variations of Gothic Diamond Rings

Essentially gothic diamonds engagement rings are of two types known as Gothic Romance and Gothic Horror.


Gothic Romance – Rings featuring the Gothic Romance design was inspired by the romantic side of the medieval periods. Gothic Romance rings are made from silvery metals and this gives a visible contrast to the rest of the ring setting. A ring having Gothic Romance style uses designs with natural elegance giving them their characteristic look. The use of floral motifs, filigree patterns, leaves, scrollwork, and use of colored gemstones are the characteristic of these rings.

Gothic Horror – Another variation of gothic diamond rings known as the Gothic Horror is the opposite of the romantic styled rings. The use of dark symbolism is rampant across this ring design and contains several elements that illustrate the themes of death, fear, horror, etc. The designs of Gothic Horror rings contain the elaborate use of serpents, gothic crosses, skulls, and numerous other symbolic elements. The intricate designs are complemented by the use of silver ring metal giving it greater visibility.

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