The Trendy Designs for Men’s Diamond Solitaire Rings

The Trendy Designs for Men’s Diamond Solitaire Rings

Most solitaire rings for men have either a white colored diamond or a black diamond at the center. Even the white gem can be masculine as long as the metal band style complements the look. Tension set wedding bands also have that masculine appearance.


Subtlety is the watchword for solitaire engagement rings. Patterned rings feature white gold and rose gold metal bands that interweave for a rich and burnished effect. A row of channel set diamonds can add intrigue to an understated polished metal band; sapphires, emeralds, and inset rubies are also popular choices for solitaire engagement rings.

A solitaire ring for a man tends to be heavier and bigger than that of a woman. These aspects allow you to present a masculine looking ring in stark contrast to delicate solitaire diamond engagement rings for women. The metal band contributes to the weight of such rings presented to men.

It can be confusing for men to choose solitaire diamond rings for women, but women tend to have a taste in fine jewelry and can pick the best diamond ring for their partners easily. Still, if you are confused about which setting to opt for a solitaire ring for you beau – choose prong or channel set two-tone diamond rings.

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