The Smartest Things to Do with a Damaged Diamond

If you just discovered a chip in the stone of oval diamond solitaire engagement ring, the following are your best options moving forward.




  • Re-cut the stone: This would not be worth it for a smaller diamond (something under 2 carats), but a larger gem can be salvaged for the most part.
  • Switch it with another diamond of comparable quality: This works better for smaller stones, as well as larger ones carrying chips large enough to be instantly obvious.
  • Trade up: See this as a chance to get that better (bigger, brighter, or cleaner) diamond you have wanted for so long.
  • Put the stone in another jewelry item: Preferably one with less chance of incurring bumps. Both stone-less and diamond-studded rings take more damage than necklaces and earrings, so check which of the rest of your jewelry could do with the stone you just chipped.
  • Give it away: If it no longer holds the worth it used to, present it to someone in the family who would appreciate the gesture.
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