The Significance of Three Stone Engagement Rings

The Significance of Three Stone Engagement Rings

The major highlight in these rings is the stone in the center and the two stones positioned on either side of it. Below is a quick look at why jewelry like the three-stone diamond ring princess cut is extremely popular.



The 3 stone ring is widely respected for the symbolism. The presence of three stones gives you the opportunity to represent your birthstone. For instance, you can choose amethyst and aquamarine if you are a person born in March. This is even more interesting because these are multi-colored rings. Thus, the ring allows you to represent your birthstone while flaunting the colors of the v.

Further, colored stones can have different interpretations of three-stone rings. For instance, a combo of emerald and ruby can represent love and affection. This could then be paired with blue topaz, which represents mutual understanding or aquamarine, which represents friendship and faithfulness.

Those who still follow the age-old traditions tend to select emerald in their engagement rings. This allows them to keep emerald in the center while surrounding it with other attractive stones or even white diamonds to portray different meanings. Hence, it retains the traditional factor while offering attractive looks and designs.

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