The Role of Center Diamonds in Engagement Rings

You can do wonders on your ring by choosing a center stone of the right shape, size, and setting.

One of the best options for center stone is a round brilliant cut diamond. In fact, this has been the most popular shape for ages. No other diamond shape can beat the brilliance, fire, and supreme elegance offered by this cut. Adopting this type of gemstone as one of the center diamonds for engagement rings is sure to draw the attention of every single person directly towards it. This type of gemstone is ideal for every couple that prefers classic designs.

Fancy diamonds are another great option to choose as the center stone in your ring. There are various shapes under this category. For instance, a princess cut diamond, which exhibits a square or rectangular shape, would be great when set in a geometric or classic setting. This is the second most popular diamond shape used as center diamonds for engagement rings. A princess cut will be suitable for those who are in awe of classic design but wish for a modern twist as well.

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