The Right Time to Upgrade an Engagement Ring

When a couple has been together for long enough, the next thing in their journey through life is getting married. Some may have a tight budget to work with and choose early on to compromise on the engagement ring and upgrade to a better one later.



Upgrade as an Anniversary Gift

The best time to get your loved one a new diamond engagement ring is on an anniversary. These are traditionally given after you have been married so and so years, but there is no set rule there. You do not want to wait until you are both old to swap her 1 5 karat diamond ring for something bigger.

Deciding on the right anniversary for this requires considering the first ring and the upgrade you are planning to buy. If you are going for a huge change, it is better suited to a marriage that has lasted a while.

What She Wants

It is vital to know your spouse’s preferences before you jump in and make a purchase. If she prefers wearing her ring every day, something with a smaller rock on it might not be so bad.

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