The Rarest Colored Gems

What about the ones no jeweler mentions, because they are obviously “out of your league”?

Red Diamonds

These are the rarest among diamonds. Natural red diamonds in the world number no more than thirty, while artificially colored stones are easier to come by. Their appearance is more dynamic than that of rubies, with sunlight setting off the best in them.

Purple Diamonds

Haven’t seen many engagement rings with purple diamonds, have you? That is because these stones are too rare to show up at most stores. They are prized for their versatility when by jewelry makers, sellers and buyers. It is hard to get a stone with an intense shade and high clarity.

Blue Amber

Mined in the Dominican Republic, this stone is relatively lower priced. It resembles ordinary amber when viewed under artificial light, but glows an intense blue when hit with sunlight, as well as bright under UV. Few people looking at it fail to get drawn in by the way it looks.

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