The Pros of Owning a Channel Setting Diamond Ring

Opting for a channel setting diamond engagement ring has several advantages. One of the key benefits is the safety of the stones.



The channel can firmly accommodate all the diamond securely with their vulnerable sides well covered. The channel can also protect the diamonds against any direct impact or accidental drops. In a channel setting diamond ring, there are design elements that protrude out like a prong setting. This prevents the ring from getting snagged onto the clothing making it easier for daily wear. This feature also prevents the diamonds from becoming loosened, thus securely holding them in the ring.

Rings having channel setting have a distinctive appeal with the rows of diamonds embedded in the ring band. It offers the flexibility needed in customizing the ring, as it allows the buyer to set different colored stones next to each other for their personal style preferences. Different shapes of diamonds, such as rectangle, baguette, princess, or square, can also fit in perfectly in a channel setting diamond engagement ring.

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