The Pros and Cons of Channel Diamond Rings

One of the major reasons why people choose channel diamond rings is because the stones in these rings are safer.

As the gemstones in diamond channel rings are arranged in a channel, the chance for these stones to fall out from the diamond ring setting is minimal. Apart from that, the setting also protects the diamond in the ring from accidental hits, which may damage or chip them.


Other diamond ring settings such as the prong setting can easily break and the gemstones may fall out. You will be easily able to steer away from such issues by choosing diamond channel rings over other options.

One of the major downfalls of channel diamond rings is that they are a bit hard  to clean. This is because reaching deep into the channels to clean the dirt that has been accumulated there might not be that easy. However, the good news is that you can ultrasonic diamond ring cleaners for the task.

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