The Pink Legacy, and How it Adds to the Legacy Collection

The Pink Legacy, and How it Adds to the Legacy Collection

These are marvelous creations of nature, which deserve to be valued, coveted, treasured, and shown off. Moreover, they also usually set records when they sell on auction.




The Pink Legacy is no exception. Reportedly, just five and a half minutes of bidding was all it took to decide who would get to be the new owner of this world-famous 19-carat stone. On November 13, 2018, it was sold to none other than Harry Winston himself.

Weighing in at 18.96 carats and classified as a Fancy Vivid Pink Diamond, it brought in a record-breaking $49,871,250 million ($2.6 m per carat). Of course, the pink and diamond ring was immediately renamed “The Winston Pink Legacy”, and has now joined other well-known gems owned by the man, which make up the “Legacy Diamond Collection”.



The bunch also includes the 13.22-carat, Fancy Vivid Blue “Winston Blue Diamond”, which was bought for another world record-price at a 2014 Geneva auction. Then there is the “Winston Colorless Legacy”, weighing in at 101.73 carats, which was sold for $26.7 million in 2013. That set a world record as well.

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