The Kimberly Process and Non Conflict Diamond Engagement Rings

The Kimberly Process and Non Conflict Diamond Engagement Rings

It is quite natural to be swept away by the enticing appeal of a lustrous diamond ring, but only a few people will be concerned about its history. This is because of the lack of knowledge of people regarding the blood diamonds. Note that the diamonds that are mined under terrible conditions are known as blood diamonds. This may include child labor, unpaid service, human rights violation, labor exploitation, etc.

Similarly, most of such diamonds will be mined at places that are prone to war and conflicts such as some African nations. This means it is the responsibility of each and every citizen to banish conflict diamond rings and choose only non-conflict diamond engagement rings.

Kimberly Process is a certification program that aims at the promotion of non-conflict diamond engagement rings. The Kimberly authority trades only with the countries that protect human rights. Sadly, the program is not as effective as it ought to be since there is no enforcement or staff under the Kimberly Process scheme.

It is also reported that Kimberly Process does not consider serious issues such as environmental destruction and child labor. Hence, you must continue asking questions to your jeweler even if he says that it comes from a reputable source or is certified by the Kimberly Process. In fact, make sure to ask questions until you feel sure that what you are about to purchase is ethical diamond rings only.

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