The Importance of Luster and Fluorescence

Diamond rings are many, but you want your particular ring to look good on the finger of your loved one as you slide it on. This is why it is important to shop for a quality item, and hopefully, the tips below will help you with just that.

  • Be reasonably sure of what shape, clarity, and color you can expect to get within your budget, such as a 1 carat diamond eternity ring and don’t go past that.
  • Do not buy a diamond that is not certified by AGS or GIA.
  • The cut grade of the diamond should be either Excellent or Very Good.
  • If you buy a shape other than the round brilliant, have a jeweler comment on the grade of cut, because this information will generally not be available with the certificate.
  • The clarity of the stone should be SI1 or above.
  • If the diamond is fluorescent, make sure that this is blue.
  • If you are getting something in the DEF color range and the fluorescence is medium or strong, make sure that the luster grade is L1.
  • When purchasing, ensure that the seller can tell you the difference between milkiness, fluorescence, and luster. Be suspicious if they don’t know how these terms differ.
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