The Ideal Diamond Shapes for the 3 Most Common Zodiac Signs

The Ideal Diamond Shapes for the 3 Most Common Zodiac Signs

If you are born under other star signs, do research based on your zodiac.


The main birthstone for an Aries person is a diamond, preferably with Princess cut. Aeries people are courageous, approach everything with optimism and enthusiasm and are driven to get what they want. A solitaire or single Princess cut diamond ring, in particular, is a bold piece that demands attention and is ideal for a fiery Aeries.



Taurus star sign is known to have many strong qualities, one of them is loyalty. Their caring nature means they are always willing to help others in need. Although they are a helper, they can also be introverted. However, when a Taurus person enters a relationship or friendship, then they put all in. The main birthstone for a Taurus person is emerald and the main diamond cut is the marquise cut.


The main birthstone for Gemini people is alexandrite, and the gemstone cut is the cushion cut. A person born under this star sign has a wicked sense of humor, is charismatic, and has a carefree attitude. A cushion-cut diamond three stone ring will be the best match for people of this star sign, as they shine like their charming personality.

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