The Hexagon Diamond Ring of Shanina Shaik

From the shape of the gemstone and the ring setting to the price, there are many attractive things about celebrity engagement rings, which people are keen to look at. While some achieve the popularity through Art Deco designs or patterns, others simply have a diamond cut or shape that also looks somewhat out of the box.



Take, for instance, the hexagon diamond ring of Shanina Shaik. The Australian model said “Yes” to DJ Ruckus’s proposal made a few years ago. He gave her a couple of diamond rings to choose from, and she went for the one that features a hexagon-shaped gemstone. The other ring featured three diamonds, which perhaps is a more traditional option as opposed to the unique hexagon diamond she chose.

The hexagon-shaped diamond would be the pick of people who prefer low-key to slightly ostentatious style. Besides, it is a lucky charm for Shanina Shaik, as she herself posted on social media – “It is believed that Hexagons represent union and balance #nofilter #SacredGeometry #numerology”. These are amongst the most significant elements in a marriage, and the celebrity diamond ring represents them perfectly.

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