The Fluorescence of Diamonds

Diamonds are mined from the depths of the earth and are generally without any color of their own. The clarity is what people flock towards because it epitomizes perfection of a certain kind. However, there is one aspect of diamonds that need to be checked before buying: fluorescence.


Is it Just Color?

Diamonds do not have a big range of colors they come in, because they are generally colorless, such as in your 1 3 karat diamond ring. Nevertheless, some stones do have a yellow or blue tint.

The best diamonds are white, and despite being called colorless, they are also fluorescent. Fluorescence is how a substance stores electromagnetic energy and emits it at a different frequency.

Diamond fluorescence is rated by experts as part of the grading process, and the stone in question may be one of very strong, strong, medium, faint, or inert. It is important to note that:

  • Not all diamonds fluorescence.
  • Most that do are blue-fluorescent.
  • Of the rest, the colors can be any of green, red, and yellow. These stones are very rare, and hence, expensive.
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