The Fantastically Symmetrical Marquise Cut

The curious name owes to the Marquise of Pompadour of the medieval time. Historians say that Louise XIV wanted a stone cut in the same shape as the Marquis’s mouth, which had an elongated, chunky, symmetrical appearance.

Visual Appeal

The stone on a 1.5 marquise diamond engagement ring would have a sizeable crown surface, especially in comparison to other cuts. This is what makes the stone look so big, making it a preferred choice for many buyers, who espouse the economical perspective when buying jewelry. Most designers agree that a marquise cut stone can make the wearer’s finger look willowy, an effect which many women desire in their diamond rings.

Bow-Tie Effect

Marquise-shaped stones carry a bowtie, which may be invisible, stark, or anywhere in between. The certificate will not mention how obvious the bowtie is, so you would need to inspect the diamond personally to find out. If in doubt, ask for help from a diamond consultant and see if they recommend the purchase you are planning.

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