The Difference between Princess Cut and Radiant Cut

Both princess cut and radiant cut are good options for diamond engagement rings and feature a stunning brilliance and sparkle. In fact, some people often get confused between the two, as they have a similar appearance and shape. Yet, there are a few differences between the princess and radiant cut, and below is a quick look at the most notable ones:

How Princess and Radiant Cut Differ

If you were thinking the difference came in the pricing, you would be wrong. No matter whether you choose a princess cut or a radiant cut for your engagement ring, the diamond ring price will not vary that much. The most obvious difference comes in the popularity – while the princess cut is very much recognized in the market, alongside the round brilliant cut, the radiant cut does not receive much demand.

The most evident difference in appearance between the two, however, is that the princess cut has sharp and uncut corners, while the radiant cut features smooth and carefully cut edges. There is are distinguishing factors in the shape too; where most of the princess cut diamonds are square shaped, radiant cut stones can be a bit rectangular. Moreover, princess cuts have chevron-shaped facets with a vertically cut pavilion, while the radiant cut features a smaller table and a slightly higher crown.

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