The Benefits of Getting a Rider

The Benefits of Getting a Rider

Lots of people have to live with having received the short end of the stick on a deal with regards to their jewelry purchase. This applies to diamond jewelry as well; buying from an unscrupulous seller leaves you open to getting swindled in a variety of ways, which is why it is best to get your diamond ring from a trusted seller. However, most policies don’t help you in the event that the piece gets stolen or lost.

Getting a Rider

A rider is best described as separate insurance drawn on “appraised” valuables, which are already covered under a homeowner's insurance policy. While it costs extra, the benefits far outweigh the upfront cost. With a written appraisal from a qualified expert for each piece, you can insure said piece separately. The appraisal would carry details on the number and type of stones, as well as their technical particulars including certification and condition.

The main benefit of this kind of contract is that the item under a rider is not deductible under the homeowner's insurance policy. For instance, a $2000 diamond ring under rider, if it is lost or stolen, would leave you covered in full, meaning you would have to pay nothing out of pocket.

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