Steps for Cleaning Diamond Ring with Glued-in Gemstones

The first thing you have to consider is cleaning your diamond ring. Luckily, there are many ways of cleaning diamond rings even at home. However, care must be taken if you are dealing with glued-in diamond rings. You cannot use boiling water or any other cleaning methods that include dipping your ring into the cleaning solution.


Below are some steps for cleaning diamond rings that contain glued-in stones.

  • Make a solution of mild detergent and warm water, in small quantity. Now, take and lint-free clothe and immerse the dip of that cloth in this solution. After this, scrub this towel gently on your diamond ring.
  • Once you are done with scrubbing, take another towel dipped in cold water and tap on the diamond in order to remove the soap traces on the gemstone. Follow this step until you clean your diamond ring well.
  • After cleaning, let your diamond ring dry by hanging it upside down so that the moisture will not soak into the glue or the setting of your ring.
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