Some Unknown Facts about Diamond Inclusions

Some Unknown Facts about Diamond Inclusions

You might not know is that these visual nuisances can make the center stone of your real diamond engagement rings a bit more prone to damages too.

Diamond inclusions can be defined as the internal flaws that develop inside the sparkly stone during its natural formation process. The inclusions in a diamond do not change or grow, but they can be removed from the stone with the help of clarity enhancement treatments.

In some cases, the inclusions or flaws that are present within a diamond may weaken its structure. These kinds of issues are usually found in diamonds with large numbers of inclusions like black spots. So, if there are only a few inclusions in your diamond, then you do not need to worry about such issues.


Yet again, you should examine the size and location of the inclusions in the diamond when buying one. Flaws that are closer to the surface of the stone can bring serious issues to it. Likewise, diamonds that contain larger sized inclusions are also at a greater risk of getting damaged.

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