Some of the Most Precious Diamonds from the History

This is the reason why most members of the Royal families own precious diamonds like a 5ct diamond ring. Below is a look at the diamonds from the yesteryears that survived the test of time.



The Historic Pink Dreicer & Co. Diamond

This is a diamond, which belonged to the collection of Princess Mathilda Bonaparte, who was the niece of Napoleon I. This was acquired by Micheal Dreicer through an auction in 1904. The diamond then went to William Clark, who then made it the family’s centerpiece. The ring remained in their possession and was inherited by Huguette Marcelle Clark, who is the current owner of the diamond.

The Tiffany Yellow Diamond

Considered by many as the most valuable yellow diamond in the world, this is an attractive canary stone. It was discovered in South Africa in 1877, and the priced yellow diamond weighs around 287 carats. Furthermore, it has been listed in the famous diamond historian Herbert Tillander’s book “Diamond Cuts in Historic Jewelry – 1381 to 1910”. The other entries of the list include Polar Star and Kohinoor diamond.

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