Some Information on Sapphires

Among sapphire buyers, it has pretty commonly known how different one stone can be another. Most of the sapphires sold in jewelry comprise lower quality gems. You have probably noted a pale blue color of some of the stones set in diamond & sapphire rings. Suffice to say, these are not the best of the lot, and that the color largely determines how good a sapphire really is.

Cheaper sapphires are not cared for the way their more expensive counterparts are when cutting or the way rough diamonds are. The lower the quality, the likelier it is that you will see uneven coloring and visible flaws. Better quality sapphires do not have this problem. Sapphire is dichroic, which means it gives different impressions based on the angle you view it from.

The best sapphire colors are seen ranging from the intense Kashmir blue type, to the paler Cornflower blue. Darker colored sapphires usually hail from Australia. Deposits of this precious stone are found around the globe, such as in Africa, Sri Lanka, USA, and Canada. The most value is assigned to light blue and medium blue sapphires. The latter has a noticeable intensity, and is the most commonly singled out shade when it comes to popularity.

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