Some Custom Design Ideas of Diamond Wedding Ring for Men

Give below are some custom design ideas you can get inspiration from.





Bezel Settings

Plain bands are very traditional, so try to opt for a band with a bezel set diamond in it. In this settings, the band fully surrounds the embedded diamond and it will be a good choice of diamond wedding ring for men as the bezel set diamonds are considerably less flashy, giving it more of a masculine look.

Detailed Bands

Yet another choice for a diamond wedding ring for men is incorporating details in bands. Here, details that suit your style or personality can be provided in the band. For instance, if you are a nature lover, you can incorporate the details related to it. Detailed bands are a great way to make your wedding diamond ring stand out from the others.

Cut Outs

If you want a unique wedding diamond ring, cut out designs can be the ultimate pick. These designs are receiving huge popularity these days. In this design, the band is provided with unexpected and edgy cutouts, adding a completely different and stylish look to your ring.

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