Some Clarity Characteristics Present in Diamonds

These are referred to as clarity characteristics in GIA grading reports.

Following are some of the clarity characteristics you may find in many 1 ct diamond rings.

  • Bearded Girdle (BG): Usually an effect of the cutting and manufacturing of a polished diamond, these are microscopic feathers, which start from the girdle surface and move on into the interior.
  • Cavity (Cv): This imperfection appears when a fragment of the feather breaks off from the diamond. It is seen as a cavity in the form of a crack.
  • Cloud (Cld): These are groupings of smaller inclusion in a single area. While hard to discern individually, clouds appear more distinct with each added inclusion in the group.
  • Feather (Ftr): This is a white inclusion in the shape of a feather, which is caused by a fracture inside the diamond.
  • Knot (K): This characteristic comprises a transparent diamond crystal inside the diamond, and extends to the outer surface after the primary gem has been cut and polished.
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