Smart Tips to Clean a Platinum Diamond Ring

Using a platinum setting in your wedding diamond ring will also imbue it with prestige, class, and elegance.

There are many smart ways to clean platinum diamond ring at home, such as using ammonia, or a cleaning solution. However, certain gemstones are not good to clean this way. In such cases, you can use a simple solution of warm water and any mild liquid detergent. Take care not to use harsh chemicals to clean your platinum wedding diamond ring, as this is more likely to spot or stain the metal.

Note that you must not use ultrasonic jewelry cleaners to clean platinum diamond ring. It is true that this type of cleaning machine is the best way to clean a wedding ring easily and quickly. However, if you’re dealing with delicate gemstones or a poor platinum prong setting, an ultrasonic cleaner can dislodge your gemstone from its mounting, especially in case of pave settings.

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