Ruby Engagement Ring Styles you Cannot Get Enough of

Ruby Engagement Ring Styles you Cannot Get Enough of

Historically, rubies are said to be one of the most significant colored gemstones, which made them much popular amongst the European royalty.

Rubies come in many distinct hues of red and are cut in all distinct ways, each shape being more distinctive than the other. The rarest ruby deposits are found in marble, and they are intense red-colored.

The gemstone was thought to bring love, health, peace, and wisdom to those who wear them, in one way or the other. Obviously, ruby engagement rings can also feature diamonds for an added appeal.

If you are looking for vintage ruby diamond rings, then the three-stone setting is certainly one worth considering. Jewelry makers and designers use this popular and traditional engagement ring setting in two different ways. In some ruby and diamond rings, ruby is the center stone while the diamonds have side stones. On the other hand, there are ruby and diamond rings where the diamond is the centerpiece gem and rubies are used as side stones.

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