Points to Note While Cleaning your Marquise Shaped Diamond Ring

When it comes to cleaning, you might be only thinking about the stone; however, it is necessary to give some care to the band metal as well. Below are some tips for cleaning the common types of metal bands in diamond rings.


Platinum Band

You can clean your platinum marquise shaped diamond ring using a mild jewelry cleaning solution. Make sure to avoid soaps or harsh chemicals to clean the platinum, because it usually takes on a matte appearance.

Yellow Gold Band

Gold is not vulnerable to rust, but daily usage may make it look dull. Hence, you need to clean it with warm water and liquid soap. However, make sure that you do not use chlorine, bleach, or harsh soaps or lotions for cleaning the diamond ring.

White Gold Band

White gold is usually plated with rhodium for achieving a flawless shine. Daily usage can lead to the wear off of rhodium plating. Thus, it would be better to have your white gold marquise diamond ring cleaned by a professional.

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