Points to Note While Buying a Pear Diamond Engagement Ring

Length to Width Ratio

This is an important aspect, which you should definitely consider before buying the ring. The beauty of the pear ring lies in its unique shape. If the length to width ratio is not proper, the stone may look not so satisfying. It is better to choose a stone having a length to width ratio of 1.55 to 1.75, which looks more beautiful.



As it is a pear shape, the symmetry must be perfect. If any of the sides has a flaw, it will reflect in the stone’s appearance making it look unappealing. Hence, make sure to carefully observe the symmetry of the cut before you buy the pear diamond engagement ring.

The Bow Tie Effect

The bow tie refers to the dark pattern that runs along the width of the pear shape diamond. This is an unwanted effect, which ruins the sparkle of the stone and spoils the beauty of your pear diamond engagement ring. If the pear diamond has bow tie effect, it would be better to avoid buying that.

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