Picking the Right Size for your Moissanite

Picking the Right Size for your Moissanite

The custom designing is relatively new – most companies used to manufacture these stones in standard shapes and sizes.

The Ring Design

Unlike with real diamonds, you can pay a reasonable amount and get a large moissanite rock. Your budget could probably accommodate an intricate design because of this.

Elongated or Square?

Your preference with regard to this needs to be sorted out at the start. Find out about the ratios for different cuts, and decide based on what kind of center you want.


After the overall ratio, you need to decide on the measurements, and convert this into carat size so you can start looking for a stone. The exact millimeter size may be hard to zone in on, in which case you can ask the salesperson for assistance. Just be sure you go into a reputed store where they are least likely to try to swindle you.

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