Picking a Proposal Ring with your Girlfriend

Picking a Proposal Ring with your Girlfriend

What if she doesn’t like the 1.00-carat diamond ring you searched high and low to find? While tradition demands to leave your fiancée completely out of the purchase, these days, doing the opposite of that makes more sense.

What You Can Do

Eliminate the surprise factor – tell her you are both heading to a few diamond jewelry stores to check out designs and pick out whatever seems perfect. This throws any chance of stress out the window, gets you the benefit of her superior knowledge regarding jewelry, and makes her happy that she has been included. In a way, that last bit also reflects how your relationship is going to be from here on out.

What you Shouldn’t Do

Do not presume to pick for her unless you are reliably familiar with her tastes in the area. Moreover, when you are girlfriend is along, do not let her see your stingy side. Think of it this way: is it worth coming off as a cheapskate when you are not even hitched yet, and risking a ‘no’ later when you are on your knees in front of her?

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