Pairing Engagement and Wedding Rings

Pairing Engagement and Wedding Rings

Most brides and grooms focus solely on the sparkle of the diamond engagement ring, quite forgetting the wedding band that has to come after. It is required that the two pair well so that the couple can wear them for decades, without having to compromise on style. This makes a combined ring set a very attractive option.

Minimal Pairing

If you are not into flashy rings, consider a minimal pairing. It is a classy way to wear both wedding and engagement rings. The same metal choice for both bands is a good idea, with the wedding band unadorned while the engagement band has a subtly set stone.

Matching Sets

This sets the two rings as halves making up a whole. That is not to say the diamond rings cannot be worn alone, only that they would look better together. To get the best look out of the pair, make sure you get them designed by a skilled jeweler.

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