Mistakes your Jeweler Does Not Want you to Make

Mistakes your Jeweler Does Not Want you to Make

Most couples commit common a few common mistakes while caring for their fine jewelry diamond rings; below are some that you need to avoid at all costs.





Not Doing a Timely Cleanup and Inspection

Like any other possession, your diamonds also require regular inspection. Although most people tend to overlook this process, it is recommended that you do a round of inspection of the jewelry at least once in a year.

Not Performing the Cleanups

One of the common mistakes that people usually make is not cleaning their diamonds regularly. You might have bought the best and fine jewelry diamond rings, but if you do not maintain it well, the jewelry would end up showing signs of wear soon.

Not Checking the Cleaning Solution

Some people do clean their diamond rings at regular intervals, but they fail to realize that some cleaning solutions can be dangerous to their jewelry. For instance, a simple lemon juice-based cleaning liquid could damage the delicate diamonds in the ring and even tarnish the metal. Similarly, you can clean diamonds with denatured alcohol, but not if the engagement ring has other gemstones on it, like pearls, emeralds, or opals.

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