Micro Pave Diamond Engagement Ring Setting or Pave Diamond Ring Setting

Selecting the right type of diamond ring setting that suits your bride, is one of the most difficult things you will do in your life.

If your loved one is a person who loves diamond rings with a classic and timeless look, it is best to get her a micro pave diamond engagement ring. Most pave diamond rings contain a large center diamond, complemented by multiple pave set diamonds. This, in turn, results in an unprecedented level of radiated brilliance, which can make the fingers of your bride look a bit more appealing.

Micro pave diamond engagement ring settings add more sophistication than pave diamond rings, which in turn results in a diamond-encrusted look. However, what makes the micro pave diamond ring setting unique and different from other diamond ring settings, is that the former is made under a microscope.

Diamonds or gemstones placed on a diamond ring this way are extremely small in weight and size. Due to the smaller size of diamonds, jewelers are forced to use a microscope to achieve precision.

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