Methods for Beautifying Diamond and Platinum Wedding Rings

Methods for Beautifying Diamond and Platinum Wedding Rings

The gemstones and metal setting can be beautified by using various methods depending on their material constitution and hardness. One of the best options that you may consider is polishing the diamond rings. There are four basic methods when it comes to buffing diamond and platinum wedding rings: polishing powders, grinding with diamond abrasives, crystallization, and coatings. Note that since diamond and platinum features supreme qualities, almost every method will be appropriate for polishing diamond and platinum wedding rings. Two of the best buffing options are given below.

Polishing Powders and Compounds

With this method, fine grains of tin oxide or aluminum is rubbed against diamonds and platinum metal in order to give it a glossy appeal. It is recommended to wet the powder and make a paste using water before buffing it into the stone or metal surface. Note that a floor machine that rotates with an average speed of 175 rpm is required in order to sand a gemstone using polishing powders and compounds.

Grinding with Abrasives

This polishing method is used to enhance the luster of a gemstone. Here, numerous pieces of industrial grade diamonds that normally comes with three to four diameters are placed on the grinding plate of a machine. Then, a gemstone is attached to the machine by means of a Velcro and it is rotated at a speed of 175 rpm. During this time, the diamond grits will sand the gemstone so as to remove all the scratches and chippings from it. Additionally, this will lift up the overall sparkle of the gemstones.

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