Making you Ring’s Diamond Look Bigger

Making you Ring’s Diamond Look Bigger

If you have said Yes, then below are some ways to make the diamond look bigger than it is.

A Thinner Band

The more delicate the band, the larger the stone should appear. In contrast, a thicker band would dwarf any stone set on it. A split band diamond ring is a superb idea, and so is a double banded design. Either can frame the stone perfectly and not overshadow it.

A Smaller Setting

The setting has great bearing on how big the stone looks. Something chunky like a prong setting will occupy a lot of space at the edge, which is bad. A subtle four prong setting, on the other hand, can create and carry the illusion of a large diamond.

A Halo Design

With a set of pave stones surrounding the center stone, you can easily and affordably enhance the apparent size of the latter. A small center diamond would look a lot bigger.

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