Latest Designs for Diamond Rings to Try Out

Luckily, there are many options when it comes to modern diamond rings and some of those designs are given below.

Knot Diamond Ring

A knot is one of the latest designs for diamond rings. There are different types of knot designs available out there, such as an infinity knot, love knot, trinity knot, Celtic knot, etc. In an infinity knot diamond ring design, an infinity symbol is given at the center of a platinum band in such a way that it creates an illusion that the symbol is created by tying a knot.


Open End Diamond Ring

In the case of modern diamond rings, an open-end design is one of the stylish options. For instance, consider an 18k rose gold diamond ring that flaunts a bead-like structure at one end and a floral design at the other. In order to contribute to the overall sparkle, the floral design is embellished with melee diamonds.

Gypsy Diamond Ring

Commonly seen in men’s diamond ring designs, a gypsy diamond ring is another option for modern diamond rings. In this design, the gemstones are hammered into the metal surface so that it sits flush with the surface. Additionally, the diamond ring band is designed in such a way that it thickens towards the center.

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