Key Element to Look for When Purchasing a Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring

Below are three important aspects to consider.


Certainly, color is the most crucial element if you are looking for fancy yellow diamond rings. The color yellow gets visible from faint hues to strong when the diamond is graded on the color scale near to Z. There are different intensities of color in yellow diamonds such as Fancy Light Yellow, Fancy Yellow, Fancy Intense Yellow, and Fancy Vivid Yellow.


It is best that you go for the round brilliant cut for a fancy yellow diamond engagement ring. The unique facets of a round cut diamond enhance the yellow color. Other cuts are also popular with fancy yellow diamonds, such as radiant cut, princess cut, and cushion cut.





The setting is another element to look for when choosing fancy yellow diamond rings. Yellow gold best matches a fancy yellow diamond ring and further augments its color and sparkle. The use of contrasting metals in the settings, such as white gold, can also match with yellow diamonds, giving a sharper contrast.

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